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October 25th, 2017

I wish to share with all our friends and those who know of our ministry and service to the children of Peru through The Potter’s Hand Foundation that I am blessed to be traveling to Arequipa and up into the Colca Valley in the province of Caylloma in December to share in Navidad (Christmas) with the children in the little schools in two of the villages in the region. This will take place on December 13th. The school year ends in mid-December which is the beginning of their summer season.

The children of Madrigal and Lari. With the help of the teachers, my friends and helpers Jeymi Flores and Palermo Sanchez we will be providing little gifts and the traditional hot chocolate and Panetón (Panettone) for the children. All this to share in their traditions and to share with them the reason for the season of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Also, I will be doing my evaluations of our nutritional feeding programs in all the villages we serve in the region. Seven villages total and some special children we are blessed to serve.

I share this story and our budget needs to accomplish this Christmas journey. As any are led and desire to support this Christmas celebration donations can be made to The Potter’s Hand Foundation via the link below.

Please help us by donating here: The Potter’s Hand Foundation

We will be sharing this Christmas story with everyone via our website and social media when we return to Lima. Blessed to serve!

September 6th, 2016

Happy to be back in Peru continuing our Reliv Kalogris Foundation nutritional feeding programs for children. I wish to thank all those who understand this ministry and have been very generous in supporting this effort over the last 9 years.

Along with our ministry partners of La Mesa del Reino we will soon begin our travels to Arequipa and Cusco to visit all our volunteers and the children we serve.


For my part I am short of the funding needed to accomplish this mission to cover expenses such as ground transport, accommodations and such.  For these needs I would ask that all our friends would pray and provide for us, as it is in your heart to do so. This need and goal for travel expenses is set at $600.00 US.

As always I am grateful to Avianca Airlines for their continued support in providing flights to Arequipa, Cusco and back home to Florida.

For many years now we have been blessed to help many children in need here in Peru by the grace of God, the nutritional product support of The Reliv Kalogris Foundation and the support of many. Please consider this and I would be very happy to hear from folks.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”
1 John 3:18

How you can help

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August 19th, 2016

I am very grateful again to Avianca Airlines for their support of our ministry and children’s feeding programs in Peru. I have just received my itinerary for this. I depart Miami for Lima, Peru on August 31 with a return to Miami on September 28. Plus I will be flying to Arequipa in early September to visit all of our volunteers and children there and out into the Colca Valley. Then on to Cuzco to do the same there and finally back to Lima after two weeks in the field.


Continuing to pray and share with folks the funding needs we have to accomplish our feeding programs for the remainder of this year. We appreciate and ask for continued prayer and financial support. Please check out our website and How You Can Help.

How you can help


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August 5th, 2016

Hello to friends and family

Since 2008 I have had the calling and joy of providing a large number of Peruvian children with nutritional supplemental feeding programs. This has been a blessing to the children as well as to me.

The average Peruvian diet outside urban areas is of very low nutritional value. That is evidenced by stunted growth and very high health risk. In the winter months many children die from extreme conditions and poor health. Indigenous, rural populations still have chronic malnutrition rates of approximately 30 per cent.

In 2008 The Reliv Kalogris Foundation entrusted me with the distribution of Reliv nutritional supplemental products to Peruvian children. To formalize this effort, The Potter’s Hand Foundation was formed as a project of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)3 public charity. The Potter’s Hand Foundation arranges the import of these supplements pays the duty and initial storage costs, the physical distribution and much more.

We found the first groups of children in need in orphanages. We then expanded our efforts into Pre- Schools/Grade Schools. At this writing, 8+ years later we are providing these supplements to 650 – 700 children daily in many remote locations. These “feeding stations” are located geographically from the Amazon valley to villages high in the Andean mountains, in and around cities such as Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Huancavelica, Pasco and Junin. Many of these areas are difficult to reach.  Long bus rides then local transportation, even horseback or mules.

More recently I was blessed to partner with La Mesa del Reino, a wonderful Peruvian ministry organization. This group of people is a great help to our efforts. Combining our resources and labors is absolutely wonderful.

Not surprising all of this effort costs money to be accomplished. The “Now For Kids” children’s supplements are donated by and shipped to Peru by the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. The import costs and distribution costs however are up to me. In the beginning I was able to cover most costs with my USA Social Security check and some help from friends.

At this very moment our team in Lima is preparing and packaging the product to be shipped to our area coordinators at all our locations. Then in September our partners from La Mesa del Reino and I will travel to all locations to meet with each coordinator, visit with the children and evaluate the programs. We will have a great time seeing all the children’s smiling faces.

This multi week effort will cause the last big expense for the year. I have determined that the Potter’s Hand Foundation needs $4,500 to close out this year’s efforts.

I’m asking that you prayerfully consider to donate generously to this effort. It is only the young children who benefit. We have seen great improvements in their health, their performance in school, their attention span and more.

Another great help and blessing has been given me by the generous support of the staff of Avianca Airlines. Avianca Airlines of Brazil has helped very much by providing me with reduced fares and standby tickets to the USA as well as to and from Arequipa and Cusco.



Thank you Avianca!


P.S. We are doing everything we can physically and organizationally. We invite you to be part of it by donating generously. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Valuable e-mail addresses and websites:  The Potter’s Hand Foundation  “How you can help link”- PHF  The La Mesa del Reino organization

You can also reach Taylor at:  001-561-722-4500

E-mail: or

If you prefer mail service, this is Taylor’s mailing address:

Taylor J Benson

4521 PGA Boulevard #129

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

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August 1st, 2016



We wish to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Avianca Airlines for their support in providing me with frequent flights to and from Peru and around this beautiful country as we serve children in need and at risk, Thank you!


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