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November 25th, 2017

Our travel to share Christmas with the children of Madrigal & Lari, two villages up in the Colca Valley of Arequipa is getting closer. For all those who know my heart to serve we are requesting you please consider joining us on this journey with prayer and donations to provide for the children and to cover our mission costs.

The Potter’s Hand Foundation

Our story is below and if you have questions and wish to join in helping please feel free to contact me.

Taylor J Benson

The Potter’s Hand Foundation


I wish to share with all our friends and those who know of our ministry and service to the children of Peru through The Potter’s Hand Foundation that I am blessed to be traveling to Arequipa and up into the Colca Valley in the province of Caylloma in December to share in Navidad (Christmas) with the children in the little schools in two of the villages in the region. This will take place on December 13th. The school year ends in mid-December which is the beginning of their summer season.

The children of Madrigal and Lari. With the help of the teachers, my friends and helpers Jeymi Flores and Palermo Sanchez we will be providing little gifts and the traditional hot chocolate and Panetón (Panettone) for the children. All this to share in their traditions and to share with them the reason for the season of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Also, I will be doing my evaluations of our nutritional feeding programs in all the villages we serve in the region. Seven villages total and some special children we are blessed to serve.

I share this story and our budget needs to accomplish this Christmas journey. As any are led and desire to support this Christmas celebration gifting and donations can be made to The Potter’s Hand Foundation via the link below.

The Potter’s Hand Foundation


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