Meet little Geraldin and her mom Hilda in Arequipa, Peru!

November 2nd, 2017

I was blessed to travel to Arequipa for two days to meet little Geraldin and her mom, Hilda.

Geraldin and her mom Hilda.

I had been introduced to her story by a friend I had recently met there, Evi Ta. Evi is from France and has been living in Peru for some time now.

Little Geraldin is now two years young and was born with some difficulties. She had brain surgery at three months from a condition of her Microcephaly. At two years she is now blind, can’t speak and has problems with her motor skills.

I am now helping her nutritionally and I am hoping to help her with physical therapy via my friends of Medical Ministry International at their clinic in Arequipa.

Hilda is taking her to the clinic today for a consultation and hopefully a therapy regimen. I am blessed via my Potter’s Hand Foundation to sponsor and pay for the consultation and future therapy sessions. These should be weekly for an extended period of time. Hilda is a wonderful mom and is doing the best she can for her little one. She lives some distance away from the city so we will be helping her with bus fare so she could visit the MMI clinic every week for her therapy.

Evi with Geraldin and her little helpers.

Evi and I were able to visit Hilda in her home in the outskirts of Arequipa. It is right next to a quarry where they still excavate sillar, a white volcanic stone which many of the ancient buildings in the city are built from. This is why it is called La Ciudad Blanca, The white city.

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