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November 9th, 2012

Hello folks,
A long time since I posted anything. My bad as the quaint but true saying goes.

I am in that hard period of waiting as I am in Lima and not able to travel to visit our children’s nutritional feeding programs in the more remote areas of Peru. Our ministry funding at present is not enough to enable me to visit all of them. So I am waiting and preparing for next year which is coming rapidly.

I am going to be traveling to Cusco late next week for three days at the invitation of a German/Peruvian couple who are caring for very poor children who suffer with Lucemia (Leukemia). I hope to begin to help these children nutritionally as the hospital?? where they are does not  provide them with meals or other personal care. My friends do that on their own and with their own resources. I also hope to visit a small church family in an outlying area of Cusco to look at their children’s program.

My last blessing of the year will be to travel to Arequipa in December to share Christmas fiestas with children in four different villages in the Colca Valley. That will be awesome and possible because friends here in Lima and in the city of Arequipa are providing many gifts for the children we will visit.

I will be traveling with four of our local volunteers from Arequipa. Great folks who make all our efforts in Arequipa possible. This will be around December 19th through December 25th when I will return to Lima.

Then I pray to return to the USA and my other home place, Florida for a two month R&R and to share our ministry with friends and family. This will be a blessed and necessary time for me I am sure.

Now to sign off for today. Blessings to everyone and I pray all will have a great Thanksgiving season in every country and locale during this wonderful season of the year.

Blessed to serve the children,


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